NW Tyler St. will be closed between NW Waddell St. and NW Tyler Ct. on Thursday, September 1 until Tuesday, September 6 for water line installation. Traffic needing to access the homes and businesses on NW Tyler St. between NW Tyler Ct. and NW Ross St. during this closure should utilize NW Taylor St. to either NW Beverly St. or NW Proctor St. during this closure.

Through traffic on NW Tyler St. should continue using the posted NW Topeka Blvd. detour route. NW Tyler between NW Ross Street and NW Lyman Road will remain closed for road reconstruction but access to properties will remain for local residents.

NW Tyler street between NW Ross St. and NW Lyman Rd. remains closed for the road, water line, and storm sewer construction project.  NW Polk and NW Taylor are also temporarily closed during by-pass pumping operations that is anticipated to last through July 15.  Residents that live along NW Polk and NW Taylor north of NW Ross St. should come and go from their homes to the north.  Residents living south of NW Ross should come and go from the south.  NW Topeka Blvd. remains the official detour to the east and NW Fillmore/NW Clay remain open as through streets to the west. The street maintenance project on NW Tyler north of NW Lyman Rd. is anticipated to be finished on Tuesday, July 12 at which time NW Tyler will be opened to traffic north of NW Lyman Rd.